Ashton: Following situation in Albania

23/05/2011 19:55

Situation in Albania was mentioned by the highest EU Representative, Catherine
Ashton, during a press conference on EU Council of Foreign Ministers.

“We continue to follow what is happening in Albania”, declared the
baroness Ashton in her opening sentence, after listing the problems that
EU is facing with Middle East and North African countries.

EU diplomats were expected to discuss on Albanian local elections, after e demand made by some of the member countries this morning.

But until this evening, the 27 EU Foreign Ministers were unable to talk on Albanian local elections.

However, the sensitivity created by the post-election situation in Albania made EU Council refuse to approve an agreement that included Albania in crisis-management operations.

Diplomatic sources told Top Channel that there would have no sense inviting Albania to participate in crisis-solving operations for other countries with such a situation at home.

Top Channel