Ashton: Following situation in Albania

23/05/2011 19:55

The Council of EU Foreign Ministers discussed on almost every scheduled topic, except Albania.

As for the situation that was created after Central Election Commission started the miscast ballot recount, EU High Representative, Catherine Ashton, gave only this declaration:

“We are closely following what is happening in Albania”.
However, the Council of EU Foreign Ministers did not approve the EU agreement for allowing Albania to participate in crisis management situations. Diplomatic sources said for Top Channel that “Judging by the domestic situation of Albania, it didn’t seem appropriate for this country to solve other countries’ crisis”.

The Council of EU ministers for General Matters did not give any special message for Albania in their meeting that was held last night, although they gave a great attention to other Balkan countries, like Bosnia and Croatia,

When asked if the Hungarian EU Precedence is following the current situation in the country, and if they will recognize the final result of this process, Minister Martoni preferred to pass this issue to the Ashton office.

“The high representative, Mrs. Ashton, has distributed a stance and it says everything. As for the result, I’m not in position to give any comment about that. As I said, this matter belongs to Ashton”, said the Foreign Minister, part of the Hugarian EU Presidence.

On May 18th, the stance distributed by the high EU representative Ashton asked for a fast finalization of the election process and reminded the Albanian political leaders of their responsibilities for not endangering peoples’ lifes.

Prepared by: Arta Tozaj

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