Artan Hoxha: “US Ambassador raised a true alarm today”

02/10/2017 00:00

Journalist Artan Hoxha, guest on tonight’s Top Story, said that the
strong declaration of the US Ambassador, Donald Lu, is the last signal
for the law-enforcing agencies in the country.

“This is the last signal for the law-enforcers to start a serious cooperation, not just for show”, Hoxha said.

Hoxha said on Top Story that the true alarm is related to the consequences of crime’s resistance towards law-enforcing agencies.

“The true alarm is that there are 20 families and four clans that control the traffic in Albania”, Hoxha said, adding a warning:

Hoxha says that if the US Ambassador doesn’t insist more, this campaign will end up like the other ones, passing in silence.

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