Arber Road tender announced, bids on October 2nd

10/08/2017 00:00

The Albanian government has officially launched the bid for building the Arber Road, which connects Tirana with Dibra.

The Ministry of Transportation published the announcement which invites interested companies to present their bids.

The construction of the road will start right after the agreement is signed with the winner, and the total cost has been calculated so far at around 254 million EUR, but the real cost will be revealed only after the bid.

The winning company will build the road with its funds and will have the obligation to maintain it for the next 13 years. The government will pay for the road with installments, for 13 years.

The Arber Road is 73 kilometers long, 20 of which have already been built by the government. The rest will be undertaken by private companies.

The government rewarded with 10% of the total points the unrequested bid of “Gjoka Construction”, which puts this company in advantage for the race that will start on October 2nd.

The construction of the Arber Road is part of the 1 billion EUR program that was launched by the government early this year.

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