Antique artifacts at the Albanian National Museum attract many foreign visitors

17/08/2017 00:00

A tour at the Albanian National Museum starts with the Antiquity
Pavilion, one of the most visited for the rich culture of the Illyrian
civilization. It also shows the comparisons to other Roman and Latin
civilizations of the time.

There are 575 objects in this section, starting from the Stone Age, then going to the Bronze Age, Iron, and so on, when sculptures start being important.

The Director of the National Museum says that one of the most ancient artifacts are head of the Apollo God, the sculpture of the Vjosa River, the Beauty of Durres, etc, which all attract tourists.

Ancient vases painted with the figures of ancient mythology are numerous, found throughout Albania. The pavilion closes with the famous Mesaplik Mosaic, which is one of the most complete ones, according to the Director.

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