Ana Kodra, the Voice Kids phenomenon

13/02/2018 18:45

Ana Kodra is a young artist who won the hearts of The Voice Kids trainers, Miriam Cani, Eneida Tarifa, Alexander Gjoka and Renis Gjoka.

Today’s guest on PopCulture, Ana says that Miriam was her favourite trainer and that she was very happy to be part of the show.

“I worked hard for Voice Kids. I worked with Kamela to prepare my part. I was very pleased when Eneida returned, but I would feel better with Miriam. I wanted to choose her because she looks the right one for me. I think that Miriam has a great voice. I also like Alban Skenderaj as well”, she said.

Ana’s performance on the Voice Kids went viral on social networks and Youtube.


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