All parties responsible for the justice system in Albania, says Head of Reform Commission Xhafaj

21/08/2015 00:00

Albanian politicians should accept they are responsible for the level of the justice system in the country, said the head of the Parliamentarian Commission for the Justice Reform, Fatmir Xhafaj. He also urged the opposition members that they have a very good opportunity to be part of the process. According to Xhafaj, both major parties and their allies share the blame for the problems that affect the justice system and its normal functions.

Xhafaj also commented on President Nishani’s critics about the justice reform process, saying he disagrees with him regarding the language he used in various media appearances lately. “If everyone did their job all these years, we would have not find ourselves in this situation”, Xhafaj said.

As for the relationship between the two major ruling coalition parties, Socialist Party and Socialist Integration Movement, Xhafaj denied any crisis going on but requested more responsibility from both parties, and criticized the higher presence of representatives on media outlets and social networks.

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