Albanians protest in Austria against Kumanova’s sentence

13/11/2017 21:13

A group Albanians in Vienna, Austria, protested Macedonia’s sentence against the Kumanova group.

Protesters demanded the defendants to be released, and they accused Macedonia of Chauvinism, 10 days after the Skopje Court sentenced most of Kumanova gang members with life in prison, accusing them of being part a terror group, a decision which have been suspicious for many Albanians in Kosovo.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo declared they would issue 219.000 EUR for covering expenses for the relatives of the defendants. Each family, according to the Prime Minister of Kosovo, will receive 10.000 EUR from the budget.

37 of the people sentenced in Skopje come from Kosovo, and they are former Kosovo Liberation Army members.

Many in Kosovo have protested the verdict and Haradinaj declared that an international investigation was needed to shed light on the situation.

The publisher of the Koha Ditore, Flaka Surroi, reacted very harshly against this government decision, saying that it makes no sense to use citizens’ money for compensating relatives of people sentenced in another country for criminal acts.

“18 people died in Kumanova, and we never understood what armed Kosovo citizens were doing there”, she wrote on Facebook.

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