Albanians give birth to fewer children; Number of births and deaths a year, towards equalization

13/02/2020 17:34

Recent official data from the Albanian Institute of Statistics show that the difference between births and deaths in the country is narrowing at a frightening rate.

INSTAT stated that last year in Albania 28,561 babies were born and 21937 deaths were recorded. This means that the natural population growth, calculated as the difference between births and deaths, is now only 6624 people.

According to INSTAT, this is the lowest natural population growth rate recorded in a century, since Albania began keeping its demographic record.
Data show that in 2014 the natural population growth in Albania was over 15,000. But this indicator has been steadily declining year-on-year, falling to just 6624 last year or 2.3 times less than in 2014.

The main reason for the number of births decline is believed to be migration, which continues at high rates. Although INSTAT did not publish last year’s migration data, on average 40,000 people leave Albania annually, many times more than the natural population growth.

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