Albanian President: We trust our European partners

13/11/2019 21:19

The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, has given an interview for Radio France International, in which he also spoke about the EU accession negotiations and Macron’s declaration about NATO.

“This is not the first time France has asked the EU member states to be stronger, more efficient and more consistent in pursuing reforms. France calls for the EU enlargement process to be better controlled and monitored before welcoming new members. At the same time, it urges aspirant countries like Albania to deepen reforms in order to be more credible, especially as regards immigration, justice, fight against illegal trafficking, organized crime, etc”, Meta said when asked about the decision of Macron to not open the EU accession negotiations of Albania.

As for the declaration about NATO, meta said that NATO is the most serious organization, the most credible, which works hard to defend and promote the fundamental values of freedom and peace in Europe and around the world. “The Atlantic Alliance faces major challenges to regain its place in a difficult global context. Everyone must contribute more intelligently to make NATO more effective in its mission”, Meta declared.

When asked about Albania’s expectations in the Paris Peace Forum, meta said that Albania is determined and wants to be a vector of stability and collaboration in the Balkans.

“We have confidence in our European partners, especially France and Germany. In order to have a secure and developed Europe, the Balkans must also be stable and peaceful. This is what history has proven. We all know that the First World War started in the Balkans”, Meta said.

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