Albanian president sets 2-nd of March as the date of popular anti-government protest

19/02/2020 17:53

President Ilir Meta stated today that the date of “the meeting with the people” was set.

On Monday 2nd of March, he said he would abandon his office for the popular manifestation against the government. He said he was convinced that the move would return the people not only to the Assembly but also to the office of the Prime Minister, as he accused PM Edi Rama of being the direct originator and organizer of the ‘coup d’etat’. Meta also cited as participants in the coup the international representatives in Albania.

In newly published evidence made available by himself, Meta listed a number of justice institutions among them the KED, which according to him have expressed their opposition to or did not give an opinion on the new unblocking mechanism for the swearing in of the Constitutional Court members.
Government spokeswoman Elisa Spiropal reacted ironically to the president’s statement, saying that for the president, there is a coup d’etat whenever new laws are adopted.

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