Albanian president condemns “fake news fabrication” over EU ambassador’s compromising video rumors

14/02/2020 17:55

Following news about the existence of a compromising video of the EU ambassador in Albania, Luigi Soreca and a deputy minister, Albania’s presidency expressed concern over the attack on his figure.

The presidential spokesman Tedi Blushi stated that President Meta, expressing his full solidarity with the EU Ambassador, as well as with a Deputy Minister of the Government who is reportedly also been speculated upon, announced that will soon formally request from the justice institutions, the State Police and the State Intelligence Service, to immediately launch investigations into the clarifying without delay the authors and perpetrators of this punitive blackmail.

he added that President Meta will further strengthen his close cooperation with the EU, and will seek a joint investigation into the extremely grave and intolerable situation in the Constitutional Court and the High Court.

President Meta is steadfast in His determination to defend the European values, by restoring the confidence and integrity of the new justice institutions of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania.

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