Albanian Interior Minister meets EMPs Kukan and Pitella in Brussels

07/12/2017 21:53

The Albanian Minister of Interior, Fatmir Xhafaj, met in Brussels with the European Parliament members Eduard Kukan and Gianni Pitella.

European MP Kukan said that Albania’s achievements have received positive feedback in Brussels.

“We are trying to open negotiations. The reforms must continue”, Kukan declared.

He added that there is a good atmosphere within the EU institutions in Brussels, and that Albania has made progress.

“As I have frequently said, EU will help, but you are the ones who will realize the process”, Kukan said.

Minister Xhafaj thanked the European MP for his contribution to the judiciary reform, and underlined that the implementation will remain an important process.

In his meeting with European MP Gianni Pitella, Xhafaj presented the priorities and the political document of the Interior Ministry.

Xhafaj asked the EU to follow the implementation process of the judiciary reform, which, according to him, could be a good model for the entire region.

The Minister informed the European Parliament MPs about the results of 2017 in the fight against cannabis, and updated them with general details from the Action Plan against organized crime.

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