Albanian influenza season: Complications Affect mostly children and older adults

11/02/2020 16:48

Albania is considered as in the midst of the flu epidemic as viruses are circulating in high intensity through the population.

Infectious diseases doctors suggest taking great caution as the decease can cause serious complications that lead to life-threatening conditions in children, people with chronic illnesses and those over 60 years of age.

In the infections section of the Tirana QSUT hospital there have been serious cases but not yet fatal complications from influenza. “There have been severe cases of pneumonia but we have not yet come across what we call encephalitis”, says the infections doctor Pellumb Pipero.

The average number of the respiratory infections cases in a week is about 2,000 and this is thought to be peak, based on past years’ experience. Next week the number of the affected is expected to decrease but nevertheless much care is now required to avoid overcrowded, confined spaces, as well as rigorous personal hygiene.

The Institute of Public Health has so far has reported two deaths attributed to chronic illness and unvaccinated state.

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