Albanian Foreign Minister meets John Kerry: “Albania, important partners”

20/04/2015 00:00

The US State Secretary, John Kerry, met with the Albanian Foreign
Minister, Ditmir Bushati, and said that Albania is a strong friend and
NATO partner.

He noted that Albania cooperates with the US and the other partners in many fronts.

“Today we have the pleasure to sign an agreement of strategic partnership, an effort to cooperate more fully on our joint interest regarding the fight against terrorism, the safety in the region, ISIS and other initiatives”, Kerry declared.

“Last year in Wales I had the chance to meet with Prime Minister Rama, with whom we discussed more about these problems. We will continue this discussion today. Albania has helped in transferring people from the Iranian resistance MEK group and other issues. We support its EU membership as soon as possible, and they are on the way to do everything possible for this accession”, declared the Head of US diplomacy.

He expressed his evaluation for the fact that Albania has agreed to host the Ministerial Meeting for the fight against violent extremism.

“This is important for everyone, keeping in mind the news regarding the IS. We are working against ISIS and the cooperation of Albania as member of the coalition has been very important”, Kerry underlined.

Minister Bushati considered the US a very important strategic partner.

“Albania is progressing towards the EU thanks to the constant commitment of the USA. We are cooperating in the fight against terrorism and islamic extremism, and the meeting with Secretary Kerry aimed improving our strategic cooperation”, Bushati declared.

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