Albanian Banks address complaints at IMF and WB, report technical ministers of DP

04/08/2017 00:00

The Bank association declared that the decision of the Justice Minister
and Finance Minister, which doubles fees for bailiffs, is abusive,
unprofessional and derives from suspicious motives, since they are not
based on any study or expertise.

Bailiffs have two fees, a fixed one paid before the service is done, which is not reimbursable. The second one depends on the success of the job. Two technical ministers of the opposition have doubled the first fee, making it 10% of the property value. Banks say this makes the situation worse, because if bailiffs are paid very well before the job is done, they have no interest to keep working for completing the task.

“This order is unacceptable and completely against the law. It goes against the government’s efforts to reduce bad loans”, Banks say in their comments.

But the law doesn’t affect only banks. Citizens and businesses who cannot pay debts, besides losing their property will also have to pay more for bailiffs. The one that loses most is the Albanian state. Public institutions that don’t pay debts within the deadline will be forced to pay high amounts of money to bailiffs from taxpayers’ money.

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