Albania loses population as birthrates drop at a scary pace

14/08/2018 16:01

The Institution of Statistics states that the demographic crisis of Albania is getting deeper, with national birth rates dropping with 25.3% during the second trimester of this year, compared to the same period of one year ago. Specifically, in this trimester there have been 1891 fewer births registered than one year ago.

The birthrate is dropping very quickly in Albania, a warning sign of a deep demographic crisis in the future. This is the second trimester that births marked a strong double-digit drop. The worst was during the first trimester of this year when the number of births was lower than the number of deaths.

Official data suggest that the population of Albania has been reduced with 410,000 people in the past three decades, also due to massive emigration. But now there is another threat, that of the lower natural birthrates. The UN says that by this pace, Albania’s population in a century could drop to less than 1 million.

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