Albanains pay anually as much as the government for health treatment

10/01/2017 00:00

Albanian families have spent 172 million EUR in 2015 for their health,
according to the Institution of Statistics, which calculates citizens’
spending for medicaments and for treatment in private and public

Health takes 3.6% of a family’s budget, almost 225 EUR each year. The Workd Bank says that this makes Albania one of the countries that pays most. And the government only covers half of the spending, the rest comes from the citizens’ budget.

In other countries of the region, families pay 11.2% of their revenues for treatment in Croatia, and even 42.8% in Serbia. This number has not changed much for Albania since 2013, when the new government promised to start a process for free health.

With 172 million a year, free healthcare that covers everything is still far away.

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