“Air Albania” stadium gets artificial lights after turf is damaged in matches

19/02/2020 18:58

The new soccer stadium in central Tirana will soon receive an artificial light system to improve its turf after damaged were observed during recent matches.

Its football field has cost around 50,000 euros and is certainly not of the highest quality but acceptable.

Hastily planted and tested outside biological deadlines, the grass carpet of the “Air Abania Stadium” is out of optimal condition. The stadium’s southern stand shields half of the field from the sun’s rays, and it is not by accident that this half is the most damaged part.

Contacted by Top Channel, Greek expert and company representative Costa Paulios, says that by June-July when the sun reflects more vertically, the field will have more than 50% improved. But instead of waiting until spring, the stadium management company has found a solution in buying a network of artificial light lamps.


Top Channel