Agron Xhafaj hands himself over to the Italian Police

16/05/2018 15:56

Agron Xhafaj, the brother of the Interior Minister, has travelled to Italy to hand himself over to the Italian authorities.

Xhafaj handed himself over to the Fiumicino police airport in Rome, Italy.

He posted a letter addressed to the public opinion, in which he says that after the accusations launched against his brother, he decided to hand himself over to Italy although there has been no request from Italian authorities to execute the court verdict.

Agron Xhafaj admits he has made mistake in his youth, but he adds that there is another truth, regarding the slander that has been constantly made about this matter.

“I have never avoided my trials on this matter On the contrary. I have done everything possible to be present in Italy during the investigation. It was the Italian authorities who released me one month after I was detained and ordered me to leave Italy. I have made several request to receive a visa, to continue my case in Italy, but the visa has been denied”, he says.

“Today I am 43 and since 2002 I haven’t done anything against the law and morals. I am proud that I can have a normal life as every honest citizen in this country. I have always been dedicated to my family, and I need to thank my wife who has helped me and our two children, my son and my daughter. Although very young, they see in us two parents who are dedicated to give their best for them”, Agron Xhafaj says.

“For the sake of my children, for the love of my children, for the desire to be close to them in every day, I have been holding this burden for years although I knew that one day I would have to pay for the mistakes of my youth. Although what justice asks me to pay is much higher than my mistake”, he writes.

“Due to political and public pressure against my family, and being unable to offer my children a calm life, without the daily stress of constant lies and blackmails, I will take this important step and I will confront the verdict legally. I have also declared at the Prosecution that the audio registration is false, made public in the media as blackmail for my brother. I hope that the prosecution and the court will go to the end of this unscrupulous montage against me and my family”, he concludes.


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