After communist hiatus carnival celebrations restart in Gjirokastra

21/02/2020 18:42

Carnival celebrations began today in Gjirokastra, as the tradition broken during the communist dictatorship, returns to the city after nearly 60 years.

About 700 children are part of the parade of masks and hundreds of citizens and visitors are joining the two-day celebration of food, drink, entertainment, music and entertainment that, will culminate with the symbolic burning of a straw scarecrow in the center of the city.

Religiously, carnivals are the last days before the start of Easter period. Over the years, this phenomenon has become more secular and has turned into a popular celebration where for a single day people wear masks and temporarily reverse the social statuses and hierarchies. Gjirokastra decided to include carnivals in the official holiday calendar with the hope of returning to the years-long tradition.

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