Action in north, USA supports government

17/08/2011 13:15

The US Assistant Deputy Secretary of State for Europe and Euroasia,
Philip Reeker supported the government of Kosovo for the extension of its authority in north.

According to Kosovapress, Reeker declared that the sovereignty and integrity of Kosovo is a closed matter.

After the meeting with the Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi and most of his cabinet, Reeker emphasized that the extension of the rule of law in Northern Kosovo has encouraged the start of dialogue this September.

“North”, discussion moved to Brussels

The case of the two Custom checkpoints in Northern Kosovo will be part of the dialogue between Prishtina and Belgrade in the next session of talks, expected to be held before September.
According to international sources, as quoted by Telegraf, Edita Tahiri and Borko Stefanovic will sit for the dialogue table in the first days of September, in order to find a solution to the problem of northern Customs, which were the essence of the turmoil in this area.

The Serbian negotiator, Stefanovic, who has stayed more in Kosovo than in Belgrade in the last days, for “managing” the Serbian mobs in the roadblocks, and the Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister, who was less active compared to him, both declared that they are frequently being consulted with the EU dialogue mediator, Robert Cooper.

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