ACR: Ready to fulfill demands

16/08/2011 20:50

Bulqize mineworkers’ strike continues for the 23rd day with determination, until all demands will be met. But the concessionary ACR Company is ready to fulfill the requests.

The situation seems absurd, while the company is ready to fulfill the demands, and the mineworkers continue their strike.

In an interview for Top-Channel, Giga Bedineishvilli, the executive director of this company in Tirana expressed his readiness to end the disagreements and most importantly, to fulfill the three requests of the mineworkers.

“They are asking us a 20% pay raise, improved work conditions and transparency in the investment program. All these three requests are realizable. ACR Company is ready to fulfill them. The mineworkers know that we are ready to fulfill their requests. The situation is this: the mineworkers have demands, and the Company is ready to fulfill them”, Bedineishvilli declared.

The ACR director accused Kol Nikolla, the president of the Syndication Confederation of having a hidden agenda, and that’s why he wants the strike to continue.

“Personally, I am 100% sure that we are facing a hidden agenda. He might be representing another financial interest or political agenda. You call it. Who knows? There is someone outside the mine, and the mine-workers’ demands are not important. He is concerned for his own interests. Kol Nikolla must leave. With him out of Bulqize, the situation will be resolved. I repeat. We are ready to fulfill what the mine-workers asked. We want a quiet environment. Without Kol Nikolla around, the situation would be solved very easily”, Bedineishvilli declared.

When asked about the voices who say that the purpose of this strike is to make ACR leave and be replaced by a Chinese Company, Bedineshvilli answered:

“This is an important mine in Albania, an asset that is managed by our company. There might be people who would want to take over the mine, but I am sorry to say that we have no intention to leave it. We will stay here for a very long time. We have a concessionary agreement with the Albanian government for managing their assets. When the concession will be over, then it will be returned to the Albanian government and the Albanians”, Bedineishvilli declared.

The offer of the ACR Company for fulfilling the mine-workers’ requests is on the table. All that is needed is the signature of the miners, and this strike will be over, at least for now.

Top Channel