Abolition of the judges oath to the president; Meta denounces lack of parliament serious-mindedness

13/02/2020 18:30

The legislative changes approved yesterday that pave the way for the abolition of the constitutional judges oath in front of the President of the republic, produced the next clash between President Ilir Meta and the socialist majority of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Although the president’s constitutional right to organize swearing-in ceremonies of constitutional judges is not affected by the changes, President Ilir Meta, through a spokesman, expressed deep concern.

“I want to express the great surprise that this law is passed in complete darkness, just hours before the start of the Venice Commission meetings in Tirana, called by the Assembly itself. It shows lack of seriousness, panic about hurrying and making it an accomplished fact. So, grab whatever you can catch”, said Meta, referring to a similar sounding anti-crime operation by the government.

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