Washington, Prime Minister Rama talks EU accession, Iran, international challenges

06/02/2020 17:03

After meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama was invited to the Atlantic Council organization, where he answered the guests’ questions on the country’s EU accession process, the OFL crime asset seizure campaign and international topics.

He admitted that the process is prone to difficulties arising from the corruption in the justice system.

“There are people who ask why don’t we take on politicians, and I tell them the answer is simple. It’s not the government, it’s not me or the police that has to deal with the wrongdoing of politicians, but the justice system infected by organized crime. We have judges and prosecutors who not only cooperate with organized crime but are part of it. But we now have the Special Prosecution Office set up for this purpose and we also have the Special Court for Serious Crimes, entities which will judge these matters through persons who have passed the vetting process, and this is a big change”, stated Rama.

At the Atlantic Council, the Prime Minister also unveiled Albania’s stance on Iran’s threat and the accommodation of MEK Iranian opposition in our country.

“We have a lot to share with the US in terms of our bilateral relations but also in terms of common challenges, one of which is Iran. You know well that we have a problem with this country, with its regime and of course we are well aware of the fact that we have taken a risk by embarking on a joint operation with the US in order to save peoples lives. I feel pretty good that we are not alone in this”, said Rama on hosting in Albania the Iranian anti-regime mujahideen.

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