US Ambassador warns against vote buying: US does not support any party, voters have the power

15/04/2021 19:26

US Ambassador in Albania Yuri Kim delivered an important message today from Fieri for the April 25 elections.

She stated that the vote is the greatest power any citizen has, and is against anyone trying to buy it.

Kim also stressed that the US does not support any particular party.

“The US does not support a certain party, but only the right of the Albanian people to express their will by vote. We warn against anyone who will deny this right by attempting to buy the vote. “Voters need to remember that they have the power and the responsibility.

“In Vlora I met with some leaders of civil society, which makes it clear that in a democracy free voting has a vital role. It was even more inspiring when I met voters for the first time in Fier, and I was impressed when I saw how well they knew about their rights and the voting process. We did not talk about the vote because it is personal, but we talked about the manner in which they will vote and from this I felt confident that democracy is in the right direction. ”

“I hope that young people will help Albania by voting, in order to put the country on the right track.”

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