Tens accompanied by police in the protest against the Greek Foreign Minister in Tirana

20/10/2020 15:19

Several political and civic groups held a protest in front of the Foreign Ministry today during the arrival of Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

The following gallery shows some of the moments from the protest in front of the Foreign Ministry where the authorities escorted 18 people for violating the rules of Covid-19 prevention.

Among the participants were the leader of the pro-Cameria party Shpetim Idrizi while the leader of the Vetevendosje party, Bojken Abazi was accompanied by the police.

Before police intervened to disperse the rally, they urged the protesters to disperse as the gathering was in violation of anticovid measures.

Addressing the police forces, Idrizi said that he will take this issue to the end in all legal ways.

“I was lucky that in the 90’s, as a former December student, we had the communist beast before us, where people were killed and arrested for a word of mouth, but this is a protest where the police behaved in the most vile way, 24 Cameria people were arrested.” said Idrizi.


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