SP’s Balla attacks Shkëlzen Berisha: Where does he get so much income this man, what does he do?

29/07/2020 15:52

The head of the SP parliamentary group Taulant Balla has repeated today in parliament the abuses’ report for the purchase of properties in Gerdec by the son of former Democratic Party Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Shkëlzen Berisha, asking the new anti-corruption unit SPAK to investigate him.

“SPAK to investigate Zen Berisha, he that without working a single day in his life now owns billions of lek. What does this guy do for a living? He is paid 700 thousand euros to mediate, what legal authority does this lucky guy have so that people pay him so dear, from what troubles does he save the people in order to receive so much money? But what is not needed to be revealed by SPAK is that if I had the blueberries that open the doors of the banks as if they were oil wells, today Zeni and his father and Luli of his ‘father’ as well, would have crucified me with 1000 nails of accusations and horrors”, Balla said, referring to Sali Berisha as protector of his son’s businesses and those of the new DP head, Lulzim Basha.

Therefore, I emphasize today that firstly this parliament has a duty to the Albanians to open the lists tomorrow, Thursday, July 30th, without waiting for Luli to agree, which is the same as waiting for Zeni to admit that he is just a realtor who has abused the dad’s power. Secondly, Spak has the obligation to open the investigation for the golden blueberry factory, without waiting for Zeni to go through this as he did when Father had both the stone and the nut in his hand.”

Shkëlzen Berisha reacted on social networks by referring to Taulant Balla vulgarly “toilet”.

“Why you ‘Toilet’ keep on calling on Spak and do not go there youself to make a complaint? “Your slanders don’t work anymore or you are afraid of any investigation for the donated apartments, for travel expenses and tenders with drug traffickers.”

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