Sliding of building in Gjirokastra; Residents are at risk since three years whenever it pours

25/01/2021 16:37

Another landslide has occurred on the slope of the hill, on which a 5-storey residential building is located in the neighborhood “Punëtori” in Gjirokastra.

The situation with the landslide started three years ago when after the excavations at the base of the hill the geological structure of the tuff where the palace is located was damaged.

10 days ago the local unit assured the residents that landslides and widening of the cracks in the building were not dangerous for them and it was decided that they stay in the flats.

But today the situation seems to have aggravated and it is expected that after the assessment conducted in the morning there will be a new report from the city council.

Residents said the situation has reached its peak and that property and life are being threatened.

There are 15 families of the 5-storey building and the inhabitants of a 2-storey villa that are endangered by the slide.

In Gjirokastra, for several years, two dangerous landslides have been active; The hearth near the 5-storey building in the “Punetori” neighborhood and a traditional apartment complex in the Cfakë neighborhood, on the edge of a stream.

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