Rape of 15-year-old, MP in parliament: Restore the death penalty, hang those who touch the children!

04/06/2020 15:19

DP’s MP Halit Valteri has called on the parliament to restore the death penalty for pedophiles after the case of abuse of a 15-year-old girl by a 65-year-old man in Babrru, near Tirana.

From the rostrum of the Assembly, Valteri said that such persons “must be hanged in the middle of the city”.

“Whoever touches the children should be hanged, the death penalty should be returned, I call on you to take the initiative.

“These pedophiles should be punished, let them hang in the middle of the city,” he said.

In response, the head of the Assembly, Gramoz Ruçi, said that “this is not a solution”. “I do not solve this, to my knowledge, today in the session there will be a reaction on the matter by the Minister of Education”, said Ruçi.

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