Rama warns employers: 1 week time to apply for employees’ compensation salaries

28/05/2020 15:52

Prime Minister Edi Rama issued today a warning to some employers and a notice to several thousand employees regarding the government’s coronavirus closures compensation.

“You have 1 week, until June 5, to fill in the Online Form with the data of the beneficiary individuals in your enterprises, otherwise the penalty for non-application for open violation of the rights of your employees, will be inevitable!” is the appeal that Rama has for employers.

While addressing the employees, he said: “We regret this delay created by your employers, which has been tolerated so far despite writing and rewriting them to fulfill the obligation, without enacting the relevant fines! But this situation will end within 5 June and if the taxpayer where you are/have been employed does not apply within 5 June for you, the financial assistance payment will be made immediately to your account, and the respective employer will be penalized!

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