President Meta: Albanian commission for the KLA crimes serves neither Albania nor Kosovo, but the enemies

28/11/2020 15:17

During the celebrations of the Independence Day of Albania, the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta decorated some personalities of Laberia region polyphonic music, as well as gave a statement to the media from the city of Vlora.

“This November 28 is diferent because of the pandemic. November 28 next year will be different for Albania. This day unites the Albanian people and invites us to do that. The enemies have tried to divide us,” said the president, among other things.

Meta also touched on the approval of the Albanian Parliamentary Commission for the report of Dick Marty, regarding the investigation of crimes for the war in Kosovo, calling it useless and an action that serves neither Kosovo nor Albania, but the opponents of these two, as he called it treason.

“We do not have time to waste with acts that serve the enemies of Albania. They do not serve either Albania, nor the state of Kosovo or national unity. The indictments against the KLA are motivated by Serbia,” said Meta.

The head of state was also asked if Independence Day united Albanian politics: “This day unites the Albanian people. Now we have no time to go 108 years to fulfill this great aspiration. “Without that November 28, we would have neither Albania nor an independent Kosovo.”

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