President decrees local elections; On March 6 voting takes place in Durrës, Shkodër, Dibër, Lushnjë, Rrogozhinë and Vora

20/01/2022 20:17

After announcing the election date on March 6th President Ilir Meta appeared today in Shkodra, the first municipality left without a mayor. Meta did not take the opinion of the Democratic opposition, raising some doubts about his intentions.

“There is no avoidance of any political force, neither the SP, nor the DP nor the SMI, the favored here are the citizens”, Meta said.

The presidential decree mobilized the Socialist Party in power, which convened the Presidency and postponed the party congress after the March elections. Edi Rama made a presentation of the profile of the candidates.

The situation in the opposition camp does not seem optimistic.

Early local elections are Dp’s Lulzim Basha next challenge with a divided party and a stronger opponent than before April 25th.

“We will be presented with the best possible candidates. Alliance with the opposition coalition and with the citizens. It is important that the DP represent the will of those 670 thousand citizens who voted for it “, said Jorida Tabaku of the DP.

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