Preng Gjini, this is the target of last night’s car bombing in the center of Tirana

16/09/2020 15:17

Top Channel has provided the photo of Preng Gjini, the object of yesterday’s attempted assassination with an explosive device in a moving car.

Top Channel’s Anila Hoxha sources, suggest that Preng Gjini arrived near the scene 15 minutes before the explosion.
Preng Gjini was sitting in a bar with his nephew and then took the car of the latter, which turned out to have explosives that exploded while moving.

Sources explained that the explosive was placed on the passenger’s as the detonation affected mostly the right side wheel of the car.

Investigative sources said the blast is believed to have been not remotely controlled by a telephone device, but by a remote control, a latest technique used by criminals to leave no traces on cell phone nerworks.

It is believed that Gjini has been traced continually and the assassins have observed his every move.
He seldom took the car and traveled only as a passenger, which explains why the explosive was placed by the passenger’s side.


Top Channel