Possible options on dismissal of the president; Constitution Court may address the Venice Commission

16/06/2021 20:24

Since its establishment in 1991, the Constitutional Court of Albania is for the first time before the unprecedented review for the certification of the parliament vote on the dismissal of President Ilir Meta.

The assembly sent the result of the voting and the report of the commission of inquiry to the Constitutional Court, two days ago.

Top Channel learns from sources close to this court that the lot for the appointment of the rapporteur has not been cast yet, which is the first step in this process. According to the constitutional law, the legislature has three months from the date of receipt of the letter from the assembly, to consider this issue.

Lawyers consulted by Top Channel explain that one of the most favorable scenarios for the constitution could be sending it to the Venice Commission for an opinion. In this way the members of the constitution remove from their shoulders a great responsibility to decide whether the statements of the president are considered serious enough violations of the law.

Top Channel