Police seize arsenal of firearms in 18 locations in Tirana, 5 arrested in wide-ranging operation

01/04/2021 20:43

Special police teams announced today the finalization of an extensive operation, in which were captured 18 bases serving the modification, storage and sale of firearms, in the service of criminal groups.

In this operation, 5 people were handcuffed by the police and 2 others were declared wanted. The arrested are Paris Prenga, Bledar Deda and Flor Abazi, whereas Sokol Xhura, was also declared wanted.

The citizens were detained as suspected perpetrators of the criminal event of October 18, 2019, in Tirana, where an attempt was made to kill a citizen with a remote-controlled explosive.

Wanted citizen Sokol Xhura is suspected that along with two other previously arrested persons, Ermond Jamaku and Enver Jamaku, are the perpetrators of the armed attack on the citizen PP, an event that took place on September 10, 2017, in “Muhamet Deliu Street”in Tirana.


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