PM Rama denies opposition allegations of theft in the Milot-Fier road segment

02/07/2020 15:49

Following opposition criticism that the PPP cost of the Milot-Fier project will cost seven times more than the highway connecting Croatia with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted by calling the allegations shameful.

“I have no words for the shameful language of those who want to govern Albania and attack with the lowest words the Milot-Fier project before the international competitions start well!”, wrote the Prime Minister in a post on Twitter.

“Those who have the word ‘steal’ at the top of their tongues for any job, have apparently only stolen when they ruled”, he added.

The Milot Fier segment is 115 kilometers long, a significant part of which will be the improvement of the existing trail. 52m euros in fund are planned for expropriations to be borne by the state budget. The building company will provide 1.2 billion euros for the project, which will be operational in 2024 whwreas the new trail parts, in 2026.

It is envisaged that the road along its entire length will have secondary toll-free roads, which will be built by the company, while the main axis is projected to work with e fee of one thousand ALL.

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