Parliament Speaker Receives Kosova Counterpart: Serbia has commited crimes, hides war criminals/ Konjufca: Must defend KLA war image

07/06/2021 15:08

Speaker of the Albanian Parliament Gramoz Ruçi received in Tirana with his counterpart from Kosovo, Glauk Konjfuca.

Ruci said that the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue was discussed at the meeting, adding that Tirana recognizes Serbia as a party responsible for Kosovo’s war crimes.

Ruçi: “It is important for Kosovo to maintain its advantage in the dialogue with Serbia. The EU is the only way forward for Kosovo and Serbia. A unified stance is needed for dialogue with Serbia, because it is Serbia that has committed war crimes, it has hidden war criminals, and for decades has tried to justify its crimes. Time works for Kosovo now, because it is on the right side of justice, and we will not stop working for it.”

Meanwhile Konjufca stated that Kosovo should not come out damaged in its dialogue with Serbia and called for cooperation with Albania to protect the image of the Kosovo Liberation Army war.

Glauk Konjufca: “Albania has made a valuable contribution to Kosovo. Therefore, in our country there is a tradition that the first official visit we make in Albania. We have common interests because we are one nation. Our policies must function on the precondition that we are one nation. Our challenges are common. I thank Albania and the institutions of the Albanian state for the help with the coronavirus crisis.”

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