New Vlora Cadastre head Jurgen Pilkapi resigns; The seventh to leave office in just 9 months

10/07/2020 16:29

Jurgen Pilkapi, the new head of the Cadastre in Vlora, has resigned today after only one month in office.

This is the 7th head of the institution who quits in only 9 month apparently, reportedly due to uncertainty and pressure on the city’s coastal real estate.

The reasons for the situation are also related to the files processed by the Cadastre lawyers. Political coordinator of the Socialist Party in the Vlora region, Damian Gjiknuri, announced that the new appointment will be a name from Vlora.

“A new name from Vlora. It is not only as a legal obligation to appoint the chair of the local Cadastre but also as a personal goal for this institution to be run by a citizen of Vlora”, stated Gjiknuri on the appointment in one of the most talked about institutions. Referring to the one-year old saga of importing names, Gjiknuri avoided a detailed answer to the stories of resignations, which are rumored to be related with the property titles of the southern coast.

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