MP Murrizi: The state of emergency is over, the Assembly should return to normal

25/06/2020 16:19

Parliamentary Democratic Group Chairman Myslim Murrizi reminded today speaker Gramoz Ruçi that the state of emergency it’s over since the 23rd of June and as a result the parliament must return to normalcy, regarding the speaking time of MPs and questioning the heads of independent institutions reporting in the Assembly.

“The state of emergency ended on June 23, it is two days that the country is no longer in a state of emergency so I would like the Assembly to return to normal. Deputies should take the time to speak and if we listen for 10 minutes every head of the institution, we should make a request to debate”, said Murrizi.

Ruçi on the other hand admitted the state of natural disaster is over, but not that of the normative acts that have been approved. Today’s plenary session is the first since the end of the natural disaster due to the COVID-19 situation, although the health safety measures remain in force.

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