Montenegro demands the tests at the border, does not allow Albanians without Covid-19 documentation

22/06/2020 16:16

Just 20 days after resuming the border travel, Montenegro has decided to restrict border traffic with Albania.

The deteriorating situation of Covid-19 in Albania has forced the neighboring government to allow only the passage of only Albanian citizens who submit documentation that within the last 48 hours they have performed the Covid-19 test and that was negative.

Passengers who have essential functions are excluded from this restriction, in which are included nurses, diplomats, help workers.

The case in question involved a family from Kosovo, who have been living in Italy for years and were forced to return after Montenegrin police did not allow them to continue.

For citizens from EU countries such as Germany, France or Spain, there are no problems, as Julian Weigl from Dortmund testified.

“I was 9 days in Albania walking and enjoying the countryside, now I will return to Germany. I love this place, I felt very safe here, the people are fantastic. At first I was a little scared of the virus because I wasn’t sure how people would respond since I’m a traveler, but I was welcome everywhere”, stated the tourist.

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