Meta on report: Albania does not deserve be a money laundering machine, agencies mustn’t close their eyes

11/05/2021 19:18

President Ilir Meta spoke today after the report published by the Global Initiative Against Organized Crime, which said that drug money in Albania is laundered in the field of construction.

Meta emphasizes that the criminal phenomenon of money laundering has become systematic as revenues from trafficking and drug trade are being easily laundered in the Albanian construction and tourism sectors.

The head of state further writes: “In Vlora, criminal groups are alleged to have invested in the tourism sector, including luxury hotels on the coast.”

“But Albania does not deserve to be a money launderer of local, regional and international criminal organizations,” the president added, calling on the SPAK special prosecutor’s office and all law enforcement institutions not to turn a blind eye to illegal activities.

“A study published by the Global Initiative Against International Organized Crime suggests that between 2017 and 2020, Tirana has experienced a construction boom and a sharp rise in property and apartment prices, the most expensive in the region, which can not to be justified by the demand from the real economy or by the increase of the official level of income, but on the contrary, they are driven by the money of organized crime and corruption, which is invested in construction and real estate “, says Meta, among other things.


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