Meta in ambassadors’ meeting: Demolition of National Theater, undeserved damage to Albanian European integration

21/05/2020 15:47

President Meta held a work meeting with the Ambassadors of the European Union countries, as well as with the Ambassador of the EU Delegation, Mr. Luigi Soreca.

The press release from the Presidency stated that President Meta thanked the foreign bodies for the EU assistance to Albania in coping with the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and expressed regret for the government’s insidious destruction of the National Theater.

The head of state expressed the concern that the illegal demolition of the National Theater building and the disproportionate behavior of the police towards the citizens, have shocked not only the local public opinion but also provoked a chain of reactions from Albania’s international friends, thus undeservedly damaging the country’s European integration process.

President Meta also stressed the importance of completing the electoral reform in the Political Council, and its approval in Parliament, according to OSCE / ODIHR recommendations.

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