Mass grave is discovered in Përmet, suspected with victims of the communist dictatorship

15/07/2021 20:52

A mass grave, with bones suspected to be of victims of the communist dictatorship, was discovered today in Përmet.

The grave was discovered by a construction company that is paving the road in the “Lagjia e Re” neighborhood of Përmet.

The construction company informed the police authorities who surrounded the area.

The head of the anti-communist association for the politically persecuted during the dictatorship, Nebil Çika, said that this place has served for the execution of dissidents and opponents of the regime, as a space serving the former communist Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“There are four graves that we suspect belong to those who disappeared during the communist dictatorship, to those who were shot.”

“During the communist dictatorship, there was a military unit here, one of those infamous units that pursued the enemies of the regime, saboteurs, those who fled the country, and until 1991 it was the largest training center for border soldiers in the south of Albania.”

“Based on data we have, these types of isolated State Security units were also used as execution sites for opponents of the regime, for those who were sentenced to death. Those who were killed or caught at the border were buried in these places,” said Cika, among other things.


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