Manufacturing workers protest in Durrës, demand pandemic closure compensation

05/06/2020 16:21

Employees of a tailor’s shop protested today in front of the Regional Tax Directorate in Durrës, demanding the so-called “wage war” for the closure period during the pandemic.

According to them, employees in other factories have benefited from it.

“The prime minister says we will receive the war salary. Either the prime minister tells tales on TV, or something is wrong. We want the war wages just like others have received it “, says an employee.

“I have been working for 18 years. I want my right. We will not move from here without receiving the 40 thousand lek that the prime minister has promised. We are not working today and we have blocked work. We will work until our salary is paid. We have been paid for the insurance, but we have not received any money, nothing. ”

“We demand our rights, so we are here today.”

“We risked our lives and went to work, but when we didn’t have work we stayed at home. Rama must give us the salary.”

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