Lleshaj in Dibra: Respect the Covid-19 safety measures, another closure would be fatal

27/06/2020 15:28

Albanian Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, held a meeting today with local representatives in Dibra, to discuss environmental protection, measures against illegal constructions, deforestation, tha anti-cannabis war and other issues related to the tourist season.

Regarding the pandemic of Covid-19 Lleshaj stressed that another closure would be fatal.

“I am not saying to close house again, because that would be fatal. But I say that we respect those minimal measures, in order to prevent a return and a re-isolation that would be much more severe than the first,” he said.

“We will continue this cooperation so to not undo the extraordinary sacrifice that was made by the Albanians during these months. We must respect at least the minimums required. I tell you that the situation is serious. I’m not saying to shut ourselves in again, because it would be fatal.

“But I say respect the safety measures in order to prevent a recurrence and a re-isolation that would be much more severe than the first. Among other things, this issue is related to the development of tourism. We have become a country that is increasingly dependent on tourism. Our economy is increasingly dependent on tourism, and as a result, tourism is gaining a lot of weight in the country’s economy.”

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