International drugs mega-operation leads to arrests of senior law enforcement officials in Albania

02/07/2021 15:20

A large-scale international operation involving the Albanian special prosecution SPAK, the Italian anti-mafia and law enforcement agencies in Spain and Montenegro, has led to the arrest of senior law enforcement officials in Albania.

Among the corrupt Albanian officials arrested were two security escorts of former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri, Vlora Prosecutor Maksim Sota, former Vlora police officer Festim Lelaj and the head of the anti-traffic department at the General Police Directorate, Ilir Balla.

The two escorts of Saimir Tahiri, Agustin Deda and Hekuran Marku at the time of the criminal offenses in 2016, were part of the escort group of the former socialist Minister. The latter has so far escaped charges of drug trafficking, although he has been tried several times.

A total of over 6 tons of marijuana, cocaine and hashish, worth over 55 million euros, 12 estates, 4 trading companies were seized from the operation in 4 countries.


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