Infections in the hospital, Bardh Spahia: A government’s failure not to even think about the medical staff

27/05/2020 15:19

The 21 new cases of those infected today with Covid-19, according to the DP, best confirm the fact that in this epidemic Albanians were abandoned by their state, and that the government works without a strategy or plan.

“Albanians have sacrificed but now continue to be isolated, while the government has and continues to work for close political and financial benefits.

“The 13 new cases identified in QSUT prove that the medical staff, beyond the ERTV station propaganda, has been left to the mercy of fate, becoming the most endangered social layer by Covid and a vector of transmission to family members and their contacts “, says DP’s Bardh Spahia.

After the epidemiological investigation, it turned out that among the new cases today, 13 were affected in Tirana’s main hospital QSUT, health personnel and patients, contacts of a nurse which turned out to be positive two days ago, infected outside the hospital.

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