Indictment against Thaçi and Veseli, Rama: A leaflet of the Chinese revolution, soiling on Kosovo and the Albanians

25/06/2020 15:30

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama described today the war crimes indictments against Hashim Thaci Thaçi and Veseli as inadmissible, comparing them to a “leaflet of the Chinese revolution” and as “throwing mud on Kosovo and Albanians”.

“I believe that I have your understanding to communicate through this rostrum regarding yesterday’s surprise when we learned that the Special War Crimes Tribunal submitted indictments for Thaci and Veseli, two of the initiators of the revolt against the Milosevic regime, as suspected of a series of imaginative crimes.

“The word doubt turns here into a legal euphemism. Justice is justice, it is not its search by a structure approved by the will of Kosovo that raises unacceptable doubts, but it is a text that announces a lawsuit against the two main political figures of Kosovo. A text which, even if there is no further legal development, resembles a leaflet of the Chinese revolution, where the presumption of innocence is eliminated”, stated Rama among other things in defence of the latest indictees.

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