Greek Foreign Minister in Tirana: Albanians in Greece and Greek minority in Albania, a bridge between us

20/10/2020 15:05

The Greek Foreign Minister said today during his official visit to Tirana that there is a will to resolve open issues between the countries.

“We are willing to take them higher, to resolve in a climate of mutual trust. The bridge between us is the Greek minority in Albania and the Albanians living in Greece. We will face the challenges and we are ready to make efforts in the spirit of cooperation, as befits European countries, we think that this cooperation can work. Albania’s entry into the EU is a common goal of ours, we are ready to move with Albania.

“I want to emphasize that Greece has consistently supported the integration of the Western Balkan countries, as we discussed with the Prime Minister and the incumbent Minister Cakaj on the definition of maritime space, the solution will be useful,” said Dendias.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama on his part said that on the issue of the sea, the parties will turn to the international instances so that the delicate issue gets the best solution.

“I thank the minister, despite the fact that at certain moments we had tension, but Greece has never been an obstacle to our path to the EU, I am glad that we agree on many issues,” said Rama, adding that the partnership between the two countries has opened a new positive chapter.

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